A fund for human investment

Funding a strategic future in pharmaceuticals, technology & biotechnology.

Who we Are

We are GG1978, a closed-ended investment fund focusing mainly on pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies.

We're taking aim

The Fund aims to combine an entrepreneurial approach with financial discipline. We focus on the development of strategic businesses, striving to improve their competitive position and profitability.

Generating the future

Our goal is to generate long-term capital gains in both private and public companies. We specialize in the human medicine, biotechnology, medical technology and diagnostics sectors.

Always strategizing

We build our strategic positions by investing in private companies with development potential. We then expand during follow-on financing rounds, as well as through IPOs.

Our investment strategy

A strategic approach, exposure to core industries, and a long-term outlook are the main principles that drive our investment strategy.
Through a strategic investment in Rothschild & Co, Giuliani Investimenti SA became a long-term stakeholder in a business that encompasses global advisory, merchant banking, and asset and wealth management.

Strategic investments

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